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November 23, 2012
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FiM TNtMD - Page 33: Entrapment by ArofaTamahn FiM TNtMD - Page 33: Entrapment by ArofaTamahn
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I think this page is interesting. It shows how misunderstandings on both sides can lead to disastrous fiascos, and, more specific to the characters involved, that Nahmat thinks of herself as vulnerable, in spite of her great powers.

But, I think Shining Armor has the right idea. Nahmat provoked them, so she, though acting the best she felt she could, was still the wrong.

* * *

My Little Pony (c) Hasbro,
Friendship is Magic was created by :iconfyre-flye: and assistants.
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well, there you go,

yes, I was tense too and wouldn't have taken chances... but once the talking started... and no real harm was yet done, i listened, and frankly diplomacy actually was more appealing... if not in part to the princesses stepping in...

and I do recall Nahmat being surprised by Fluttershy's reaction after that stare off... but if Nahmat was genuinely scared... i definitely didn't see that... just annoyance and then surprise and fluttershy's faint...

come to think of it... i guess when you're tense and ready for trouble, afraid or not, you'll still appear angry or annoyed from virtue of the focus you're using...

or she's trained herself to do that... huh... maybe she projected her own fear of dismemberment by the elements into the bearer's minds... so Nahmat may have appeared unimpressed, but was in many ways, was scared enough to stay put if not freeze... and such fear projected into the minds of untrained and unprepared ponies caused them to out right seize up...

but... what was it you saw in fluttershy...? what? dark thoughts born from the pain of an introvert...? I would think that is where the generalization that the shy ones are the most prone to psychopathy comes from...

In that last panel, you seemed to have left out a few choice words... Shouldn't it read:


"It seems the Fluttershy you know is far different from the Fluttershy I met..."


But I think Nahmat is on the right track when it comes to figuring out Fluttershy: It's always the quiet ones... :)

The idea of misunderstandings between people having terrible repercussions is a fairly pervasive theme in classic literature as well. I  suppose you touching on that makes sense, given the awsome-tasticness of the comic you've made. Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice is probably the best example of that. However, after having read your comment a few posts back about the Canterlot wedding, I suspect you may find it too...old fashioned for a progressive mind such as yourself. Before you get insulted, know that I'm not saying or implying that you wouldn't be able to handle the esoteric early 19th century (1800s) vocabulary/speech patterns, nor am I saying that the book's sophistication is too great for you. I merely mean that for someone who clearly abhors the concept of the traditional (perhaps chauvinistic) values that were the norm of that time. Personally, I found the book very entertaining, having come from quite the opposite background as you. My father and mother are both well respected educators in both post secondary and K-12 education. Being their son, I naturally grew up with both an aptitude for and great interest in history, literature, politics and the like, so although I don't approve of any kind of sexist noises that were normal in Jane Austin's life time, on an intellectual level, I DO understand why they existed. Personally, being of a semi-romantic temperment I found the wedding adorable. Yes, Twilight's song was a bit...uncreative in lyric, but keep in mind that the show still has to cater to the "pre-adolesent" girl demographic which tends to mean that weddings will have a more "traditional" theme. Personally, I think the song "Love is in bloom" adorable, but hey, it takes all kinds right? I'll admit the bit about making room confused me, but taking it as offensive seems a bit...I dunno touchy? Maybe I'm crazy. At least the Princess didn't start the wedding vows part of "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here in god to bear witness to the love of these two hearts." Which is (more or less) what the priest at a Christian wedding says first by way of introduction once the bride has made her walk down the isle.

Crud, it seems I've rambled again. My bad.:oopsies: 
frankly under the circumstances and meeting mean fluttershy instead of the normal fluttershy and also everything else i would have acted the same as nat did
SaryTheWolf Jul 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Shining's move wasn't an attack, it was defensive, but perhaps it would been better to put the shield around himself and the others...
This seems to happen to people who meet Fluttershy, they either meet one or the other.
*Nahat puts on sunglasses*

Are fluttering away from each other
Clearly The Stare works at several levels...
Arofa is completely full of crap. The only thing I find more unbelievable than how delusional this character seems to be is how we, the readers, are suppose to believe such statements, or at least sympathize with her.

She was clearly in the wrong for sneaking into Equestria, then into a secured complex with state leaders, and not giving any explanation. Shining is completely in the right when he says she looked like she was going to kill someone. She EXPLAINED IT HERSELF, she was after a dangerous criminal, and was therefore ready to display force; which she did, on ponies in the room! What she did to the guards and the Elements is clearly some form of mental mind control and/or intimidation, and if that isn't a wrong thing to do, you may as well say that Chrysalis is an innocent.

"What you saw was my frustration from being lost and friendless in a strange world..." Why is she being painting herself as some kind of fugitive like a "X in Equestria" story? She's an agent, who was presumably informed of where she was going, and arrived with a plan of what to do and how to get out.

"...with no hope of help or understanding from the locals." This one really gets to me. The reason she didn't have a chance of receiving help was because she didn't say A DAMNED THING to any pony. When did she ever try to make some form of diplomatic inroads? Not until Celestia called her crap, and had no other option available to complete her task.

One could argue that Nahmat is essentially a cop, and that's the way she thinks. I don't think cops try to excuse their actions with accounts that don't make sense (as I've explained above) in order to look good. More importantly, when you need to hunt down and capture someone on a third party's territory, you don't just send a cop, you send an envoy. The difference being that the latter possesses an once of tact and knowledge towards another culture (an ass kisser, if you will) to make their case and ensure everything goes smoothly. Arofa was obviously a terrible pick.
ArofaTamahn Nov 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
As enlightening and interesting as your analyses are, if you're going to insult me and the readers who enjoy this comic, please privately message me instead.
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