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November 30, 2012
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FiM TNtMD - Page 37: Breaking The Cycle by ArofaTamahn FiM TNtMD - Page 37: Breaking The Cycle by ArofaTamahn
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I always felt, ever since I was a child, that it was wrong to get mad at and punish kids when they did something bad, because when ever I would, I'd always feel bad about it shortly afterward on my own. I have no idea if the writers of FiM would portray Cadance like this, but I like to think she thinks this too.

So does this mean that Nahmat is just a child too? Perhaps.

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My Little Pony (c) Hasbro,
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princessjulliet123 Apr 4, 2014  New member Hobbyist Artist
...just like a mother..!
... uh, not really sure if Nahmat can do much good to council fluttershy... or even if that is what Flutteshy needs...

Duh, course Nahmat know better now (even still it was just like a bad dream that is just a bunch of thought for review/ learning... not like what frigging discord did...)

(Does anyone else get the point that it was a misunderstanding....? i swear...)

"Hey sorry we got off on the wrong leg, i didn't like what happened but I'm glad it was just a mental exchange..."

and- Woah...! dude, portal/ inception water teleport... How the crap is she aware of their location like that...?
but she had full right to be mad at Fluttershy. And Fluttershy had the right to use the stare on her

Well, if an adult is being CHILDISH, they should be treated as such, I always say... :P


Cadance has every right to feel angry, but she IS, after all, the Princess of Love; and she has no compunctions about spreading it around freely... even though it's sometimes not in the way that you'd normally see on the show, as was evident here. :)

FINALLY! I'm relieved to finally find someone like-minded on this subject. I know I always felt awful after each little antic of mine when I was a kid, so punishment was (to me) redundant If I were ever to have kids, I would be firm, but loving and supportive, never angry enough to punish them. There are a disturbing number of fics on the internet portraying Celestia as a Princess able to hand down punishments willy-nilly. Celestia may have a few faults here and there, hubris chief among them, but she looks upon her subjects as her children, and therefore loves each one unconditionally in the way a mother loves her children. With that in mind, I suspect that although there must be SOME prisons somewhere in Equestria, they remain largely empty (Except, perhaps for the occasional troublemaker who stole something and needs to cool his hooves and think about his actions more carefully). I can well imagine Celestia shedding bitter tears each night, crying herself to sleep for the 1000 years she was forced to imprison her sister in the moon and blaming herself for not paying closer attention to her sister's feelings.sad 
i am in the mind of everyone should in this type of situation everyone should take 2 steps back, take a deep breathe, and let cooler heads prevail
SaryTheWolf Jul 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
That's fine as long as, like Nahmat, they realize that what they did was wrong and feel bad about it. Otherwise they just grow up thinking they can get away anything.
Canon might support your conclusion that you’d pick AJ as Twi’s closest friend among the five. Consider this - when Twilight is troubled, does anypony notice it sooner than Applejack? When Twilight could use some reassurance, advice or steadying words, does anypony extend that helping hoof nearly as often as Applejack does?
Assuredly Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I like how you showed Twi/AJ here. I always thought of those two being the "leaders/leader&co-leader" of the group once something needs to be decided/done. Just on different aspects with Twi being the one with academic intelligence and scientific smarts while Aj is the one with streeth smarts and down-to-earth attitude.
Though of cource, both are harldly perfect leaders as we've seen both doing their faults in the past. But together i think those two could take on any problem with the help of their friends.

Its why i also think AJ and Twi are best friends, if i had to pick one of the 5 to say she´s Twi´s closest friend then that would be AJ. At least for me ofc.^^
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