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September 6, 2013
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FiM TNtMD - Page 95: The Magic Dies by ArofaTamahn FiM TNtMD - Page 95: The Magic Dies by ArofaTamahn
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* * *

And so, as Twilight Sparkle's hope fades away, the mantle of heroism returns to her teacher, and a new journey begins.

In the description for page 93, I talked about Richard Dawkins's forms of magic, and how this story deals as much in poetic magic as it does in traditional magic. Here, we are met with a fourth kind of magic. A kind of magic people talk about when they see things happen that they don't understand. But, when they learn what makes it so, they say that the magic is gone.

When reality replaces fantasy, when knowledge replaces ignorance, that "magic" dies.

I think Gralo just gave us all the origin of this story's title.

This is my headcanon regarding the astrophysics of the world of Equestria, and is something I'd actually pondered ever since I watched the first few minutes of the very first episode. Assuming the world of Equestria weren't some mythic realm where old-time humanity's model of a geocentric universe was correct, and instead operated on rules were closer to the model of the universe that we use (allowing for magic and brightly colored miniature horses), what would be the implications of a geocentric planet who's day and night were controlled by the magical creatures living on it?

I don't know about how the planet gathered all that magic in the first place though, and I don't think Celestia knows either. I think Gralo just pulled that one out of his cloaca to make her feel even more miserable.

* * *

My Little Pony (c) Hasbro,
Friendship is Magic was created by :iconfyre-flye: and assistants.
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The whole 'the entire universe is dead' thing. Doesn't come across as shocking or horrifying. It comes across as a TAKE THAT! against the setting itself. 
stitch62651 Mar 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well now, that's probably the deepest, darkest explanation to the MLP world that I've ever seen.  And the worst part is, it makes a lot of sense.  *applause*
There's one more damned than all. He never gambols,
Nor crawls, nor roars, but, from the rest withdrawn,
Gladly of this whole earth would make a shambles
And swallow up existence with a yawn...

Boredom! He smokes his hookah, while he dreams 
Of gibbets, weeping tears he cannot smother. 
You know this dainty monster, too, it seems — 
Hypocrite reader! — You! — My twin! — My brother!

- Charles Baudelaire
RaptecClawtooth Nov 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
pff at the end is only a emo-bird

I knew Celestia was hiding SOMETHING.
:iconearthpatriot117:, that dark AND deep.

Big yawn = Big Bang?


BTW, you know what I call that fourth kind of magic? MIRACLES! :)


"Wait...That doesn't make any-"


-lol those lines go perfect here.
Ohhh Myyyy GAWD!
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